Vedic Math

Vedic Maths helps to calculate difficult problems at much faster and smarter ways then the modern methods which are taught in schools. Vedic Maths originated from India consists of 16 sutras. It is very useful for a child aged 10 and above years of age. These technique will be very helpful for the child to crack any competitive exams or to perform any mathematical equations in a matter of seconds if practiced from young age.

Advantages of Vedic Maths

  • Eradicates the fear of Maths.
  • Multiple solving approaches to a problem
  • Faster than calculators.
  • 15 times faster than normal approach.
  • Boosts the calculation skills thus making them better and faster.
  • Improves memory and problem-solving ability.
  • Sharpens the concentration and observation power.
  • Develops left and right side of brain (intuition and Innovation)
  • Develops confidence and leadership.
  • Strengthens the mental visualization skills.
  • Makes mathematics fun for child.