School Rules

    1. A student should carry his/her Almanac to school everyday. It must have his/her photograph with complete information duly signed by parents/guardians.
    2. In case the child is being picked up by a person other than the parent/nominee a prior written permission must be taken from school authority.
    3. School management reserve the right to suspend/ expel students who conduct in harmful to the other students or to the school.
    4. Students should greet their seniors and teachers and give them due respect at all times. Bullying and in appropriate language is not allowed in the school.
    5. The students are to walk smartly in a queue and maintain silence whenever they move about in the corridors. They must also ensure that they keep to the left while walking in the corridors or on the stairs.
    6. Every students must have a minimum of 75% attendance to be promoted to the next class (unless medically advised to take rest).
    7. Once a child has come to the school he/she should not be asked to come home on half day leave or leave for any period. In case of emergency, the parents/guardian may collect the child from the school personally.
    8. Students should get the notes, circulars signed by their parents/guardians and return them to the class teachers.
    9. No student shall indulge in any of the following practise homily.
      a) Disfiguring or otherwise damaging any school property.
      b) Rude behaviour
      c) Use of violence in any form.
      d) Casteism, communalism or the practice of untouchability.
    10. School timings and time table must be followed strictly late comers will not be allowed.
    11. Students who come to school by their own conveyance should arrive school five minutes before the bell rings.
    12. The student should report back to school within 8 working days at the beginning of new session, failing which the name will be struck off the school rolls.
    13. The ringing of the bell in the morning is a signal for students to assemble immediately in perfect silence. As soon as they get back to their classes they should get their books ready for the first period.
    14. Name, class, section and Admission No. must be clearly marked on all the belongings of students.
    15. Special care must be taken of all school property. Do not litter. Use the garbage bins. Do not scratch or spoil the desks, chairs and charts or damage school furniture. Do not write or draw anything on the walls or damage things/belongings of other.
    16. Damage or breakage done even accidently should be reported to the class teacher. The students will be required to pay for any damage to school property. The school reserve the right to suspend/expel students whose conduct is harmful to other students or to the school.
    17. Student are not allowed to carry mobile phones, valuable items or gadgets inside the school premises if it is found during search it will be confiscated and strict disciplinary action will be taken.
    18. Note down all your homework/circulars / notice in the Almanac regularly and get it checked from the parents.
    19. Habitual late comers, uniform defaulters, fee defaulters and students who do not do their homework, regularly will be sent home after three warnings.