The distinct feature of Wisdom's bus route system is that each bus is boarded and deboarded from within the school campus under strict supervision. Our Buses are supported with a Guard, a Helper and a Teacher/Nanny. For security and safety each bus is equipped with a First Aid box and a mobile phone. Attendance of children boarding the buses is taken both; in the morning and afternoon. Bus monitors record every student boarding and exit.

We know the most important role each day is providing children with the safest school day. Keeping children safe on the school bus is not only the role of the bus driver, but also the role of the students .Wisdom safety culture is promoted through the training, workshops , best practices and daily touch points. Among the topics on which we focus:

Extensive training, rigorous background checks and substance screenings of all drivers. Age-appropriate conduct expectations for students and positive behavioral-specific reinforcement for safe, appropriate bus behavior.

GPS devices of all bus to monitor driver performance for speeding or excessive idling, and effectively respond to parent/guardian concerns.