The Kids Planet

Pre-Primary wing is spacious and colourful. The theme based classrooms are perfect for opening up the children's world of fantasy, creativity and imagination. An array off un-filled activities is planned for the children to broaden their horizon. The play equipment's help children to explore their creative power and sharpen up their cognitive skills. Teachers are constantly involved in nurturing the building blocks of tomorrow. An indoor play area has been specially created where children play and learn with interactive teaching aids.


At this level emphasis is on a 'development based curriculum' and students are taught the essential concepts of the subjects. The progressive assessments are conducted, the result of which are communicated to the respective parent of a partnership between them and the school.


During this period the students intellectual, aesthetic, physical & cultural growth & development are intensified and extended to a foundation course designed to suit students from all educational background. A smooth transition from childhood to adolescence is facilated by imparting comprehensive values & need based education.


A warm welcome to the Secondary School. We cater to the needs of students from classes VI to X based on the guidelines of the C.B.S.E. Our educational programme is designed to build on and enhance the skills acquired in the primary school. Special care is taken to empower students to discover and nurture their special talents and passions. Students are groomed to appear in various competitions according to their aptitude. Provision for taking various entrance exams is made. Professionals from various fields- medicine, engineering and commerce- address our students and offer guidelines and provide a stimulus for successfully clearing these exams.