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Space Technology Workshop

Explorers are one time hands-on astronomy and space sciences workshops.

The workshops focus on fundamentals as well as application of astronomy and space science for schools. The workshop model is for the schools who want to do an introductory astronomy education project, it’s a one-time event. The evening workshop at WGS on October 28,2017 was a fun exercise with emphasis on group discussions and hands-on activities providing knowledge about Moon and its phases& Crater formation enabled students to participate in an informal set-up. Students were encouraged to ask questions, to instigate curiosity and explore the universe; hence the workshops are called “Space Explorers”. The workshop aims to make students aware about astronomy, its presence and its relevance in our day-to-day life. The workshops are activities based on the following categories:

Observational Astronomy
Activities and Models Making
Interaction and Multimedia
The idea is to encourage the learning of Astronomy, and spread awareness about astronomy among the common people.