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Dialogic Reading Technique Workshop

On Wednesday, Jan 10, 2018 a workshop on the use of Dialogic Reading Techniques In Language Classrooms was organized by Wisdom Global School. Resource person Ms. Deepshikha Bansal, an optimistic personality and teacher in English,illustrated that the Dialogic Reading Technique helps improve children's attitude and interest in reading. She further explained the thought that Dialogic reading (DR) has been identified as an effective strategy for enhancing children’s literacy skills.Dialogic Reading is a technique that turns reading into an interactive process involving thought, imagination and discussion. It’s a shared reading experience that engages children directly by inviting questions, encouraging conversation, and shifting the roles of ‘reader’ and ‘listener’ so that children become storytellers as well. This process builds literacy skills by improving vocabulary, letter/number recognition, story comprehension and critical thinking skills.
She encouraged the teachers to read books and told that the teacher is a super performer and Creativity is the supreme art of the teacher. She also motivated the teachers to implement all the tips to make their teaching more effective.