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Winners of Handwriting Competition

Handwriting Competition- A neat and beautiful writing always seeks the attention of others. To develop awareness and love for good handwriting, handwriting competition was conducted on 21.4.18 for Grade III- VIII. All the students participated enthusiastically in the event. The students were asked to write one page in the best of their hand writings. They were judged on the basis of neatness, formation and spacing. The competition brought out the talent and creativity of the students. The importance of good handwriting was re-emphasized though the competition. It was a successful event and 3 best students from each section were adjudged winners.
Grade- III - 1st position Yash Chaudhary, 2nd position Shreyanshi Jain, 3rd position Avni Bansal.
Grade-IV- 1st position Ishita Tyagi, 2nd position Nihal Rathi , 3rd position Vanya Kamboj.
Grade-V- 1st position Apoorva Baliyan , 2nd position Saloni Chauhan , 3rd position Ritika Singh.
Grade-VI- 1st position Bhumi Singh , 2nd position Vershita , 3rd position Anushka.
Grade-VII- 1st position Satvik Kamboj , 2nd position Aryan Sharma , 3rd position Lakshika Rathi.
Grade-VIII- 1st position Akhilesh Singh , 2nd position Devansh Chauhan, 3rd position Mehak Vig.