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Visit to Potato research centre

Practical experiments like field trips are the best way to learn about our world and to understand better.
Walking on this perception, Wisdom Global School has organized a trip To Potato Research Center, Modipuram on September 26, 2017 (Tuesday) where students will observe; collect data and information to later convert them into useful knowledge. All the students from Grade III to Grade VII were enthused enough for the attainment of real knowledge.

Our objective is to understand by

• Pratyaksha: means of direct perception / the knowledge gained by means of the senses.

• Anumāṇa: means inference or guess work/ the knowledge gained by means of inference

• Upamāṇa: means comparison and analogy / having knowledge of something by comparative evidence

• Śabda: means word, testimony / the verbal or testimonial evidence of past or present reliable experts

H.M. Ms. Sarika Christopher, Ms. Jaya Bhatnagar, Ms. Neetu Singh &Ms. Shipra accompanied the children.