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Co Curricular Activities

At WGS, students of any age take an interest energetically in a plenty of co-curricular and extra-curricular activities that successfully complement the curricular program of the school. These activities give rich and numerous chances to students to work in groups, to practice leadership, sharpen their talents and skills, and take autonomous activities.

  • Trips and Excursions
  • Creative Expression...English Language Activities - Enriching the Linguistic Environment
  • Caring for the Environment Concern for the environment is expressed through regular tree plantation activities, cleanliness drives at WGS.
  • Special Education Our school follows an inclusion scheme, as per the CBSE guidelines which incorporate Special Education within school settings so as to give children with special needs exposure to the mainstream.
  • The idea of hobby clubs has been introduced with an endeavor to engage the students genuinely in various interests. The students can decide on any hobby or clubs according to their interest, caliber and aptitude:

Clubs & Hobbies
  • Curtains up (Dance Club)
  • Theatre Club
  • Sanskriti Club
  • Eureka Club (Science Club)
  • Wonders with hands(Art and Crafts Club)
  • Linguistic Club(Literary Club)